What is HIV/AIDS – an important guide on causes and prevention

What is HIV virus?: AIDS is a disease that is caused by the introduction of a virus called HIV into the body. Its full form is Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. The immune system of a person suffering from AIDS becomes weak.

What is HIV virus?

What is HIV virus?: HIV is a type of virus that weakens the immune system. The full form of HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. 

HIV works by destroying the CD4 cells present in the body. CD4 cells are also called T cells or T cells. These are a type of immune cells. 

With the passage of time, as the HIV virus destroys CD4 or immune cells, the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases. 

The following are the reasons for the transfer of HIV/HIV from one person to another-

1.) By blood

If the blood of a person suffering from HIV is donated or transfused to a normal person, then the HIV virus enters the body of the normal person.

2.) by semen or semen

If the semen of a person suffering from HIV enters the body of a normal woman, then HIV infection can occur.

3.) Through Breastfeeding

The HIV virus is present in the milk of a mother with HIV. If a mother with HIV breastfeeds her baby, then the baby becomes infected with HIV.

4.) Through the vagina or vaginal fluid

A viscous fluid is found in the vagina of women. If the woman is suffering from HIV, then the HIV virus is present in this fluid. In such a situation, if a woman has a relationship with a man, then that man also increases the risk of getting HIV.

5.) Through unprotected sex

Because the HIV virus is present in the blood, semen, and vaginal fluid of a person suffering from HIV. In such a situation, if unprotected sex is established, then the chances of HIV infection increase.

The HIV virus is transferred from one person to another due to the reasons given above. 

Note- HIV/HIV virus does not spread through the air, water, or food. Along with this, HIV / HIV virus does not spread by sitting, shaking hands, eating, and drinking with a person suffering from HIV / HIV.

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Why is there no cure for HIV?

The only cure is to prevent the HIV virus. No medicine or vaccine has yet been discovered for the HIV/HIV virus. 

Actually, the HIV virus enters the DNA cells of the person. In this way, it creates a strong bond with the person for whom no other medicine or vaccine works. 

Scientists and doctors are doing research to find a cure for HIV. 

It is said for a person suffering from HIV will not live long, but today medical science has made a lot of progress and he has found a way to give a long life to the patient even with this virus. 

Anti-retroviral therapy can save a person suffering from the HIV virus for many more years. 

Although there is no medicine or vaccine for HIV so far, it is possible to treat a person with HIV through therapies. Through this treatment, the HIV virus cannot be removed from the person’s body but still, his chances of life can be increased. 

If no therapy is given to a person suffering from HIV, then that person can give birth to many serious problems in the body, out of which the name of one important problem is AIDS.

It is not necessary that everyone who has HIV will get AIDS. If therapy is being applied for HIV from time to time, then in such a situation a person can avoid AIDS. 

After being infected with HIV, a person gets AIDS without taking any kind of therapy or medical therapy, after which the person can live only for 2-3 years.

Research has revealed that about 1.2 million people in America are currently infected with HIV. One out of every 7 of these people does not even know that they have any such virus infection.

What is HIV virus?
What is HIV virus?

What is AIDS?

As we mentioned that AIDS is a type of disease in which the immune system of a person becomes weak.

CD4 cells or cells start decreasing in the body of a person suffering from HIV. According to research, it has been revealed that about 500-1600 cubic millimeters of CD4 cells are found in the body of a healthy adult.

A person with HIV whose level of CD4 cells in the body reaches 200 cubic millimeters is considered to be suffering from AIDS.

The cause of AIDS is not only HIV, but the condition of AIDS arises in many diseases. 

AIDS is a type of condition in which the body’s immune system becomes weak so that the body becomes unable to fight diseases. If a person is suffering from dreadful disease like cancer, then his body may also have AIDS i.e. his immune system may be weak but this is a rare condition.

In today’s time, no cure for AIDS has been discovered and if AIDS is not detected or any kind of medical therapy is not given, then the chances of a person’s life do not exceed only 2-3 years. 

If cancer or some other fatal disease occurs in the person’s body, then in such a situation this period decreases further.

Although there is no cure for AIDS, there are some anti-retroviral drugs that prevent AIDS from becoming more fatal. In this way, the chances of life can be increased.

The chances of getting the following diseases increase in the body of a person suffering from AIDS-

  • 1.) Pneumonia
  • 2.) Tuberculosis or TB
  • 3.) Cancer
  • 4.) Cryptosporidiosis (a problem caused by a parasite found in the intestines)
  • 5.) Toxoplasmosis (brain problem caused by a parasite)
  • 6.) Cryptococcus meningitis (a type of fungal infection of the brain)
  • 7.) Oral thrush (a type of fungal infection of the mouth and throat)

Some things to note about HIV and AIDS-

1.) The number of immune cells in the body of a person suffering from HIV decreases. In such a situation, if the person is not given any kind of medical therapy, then this problem can become more serious and can reach the stage of AIDS. So it is important to consult a doctor without hesitation if you are infected with HIV.

Although no cure for HIV and AIDS has been discovered so far, it does not mean that there is no way out for the victim. A person suffering from HIV should not lose hope and should keep in touch with the doctor. Tell your problem to the doctor without hesitation and try to find a solution for it. This can increase the chances of life.

It is very important to prevent HIV. Take full care that we do not get infected with HIV, so avoid those causes that give rise to HIV.

2.) Avoid unprotected sex at all as it can be very dangerous.

3.) Do not have sexual intercourse with a person or woman who is already infected with HIV.

4.) Do not have sex with more than one partner. This also increases the risk of infection.

5.) Pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your hands and private parts clean before having sex. Wash your private parts with water even after having sex to reduce the risk of any kind of infection.

6.) Must use a condom during intercourse.

Keep in mind that AIDS is deadly problem and its only cure is prevention. Take full care of this and don’t play with your life_  

“Health standards are fixed so don’t take any risk”

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